[IPython-dev] iPython, Mac OS X, Preview.app, and GraphViz

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Nov 10 04:15:31 EST 2004

Donny Viszneki wrote:
> One of the best features of the python shell, and iPython, is the 
> online help.
> I was thinking, how hard would it be to create an alternate online help 
> system that wrote a DOT (google for GraphViz) file showing 
> hierarchically all the members (and their members, perhaps) of the 
> object or class passed to this hypothetical help funciton.
> With some more work, the DOT file could be converted into the first 
> page of a PDF, and perhaps all the objects shown in the picture 
> generated by GraphViz could act as "links" (I don't know what term is 
> used in PDFs, but in many PDFs plenty of "links" are clickable just 
> like an HTML document.) And these links could go to a page in the PDF 
> with the ordinary printout of the online help.

This might be a useful starting point, as it seems to cover at least part of 
what you want: http://www.tarind.com/depgraph.html.  It's a dependency tree 
instead of a member one, but probably much of the code would be reusable.



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