[IPython-dev] Re: python-mode.el (was Generic gui_thread + IPython: solution already exists!)

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at gmx.net
Tue Nov 16 06:48:39 EST 2004

Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu> writes:

> Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
>> Well, your ancient 2003 patch is in the patch queue on the SF tracker.
>> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=783254&group_id=86916&atid=581351
> Huh, that patch seems to have Skip's name on it, not mine.  

It's mine and the reason it has Skip's name on it is that it presumably
predates 2003 and the project page and was one of the old patches that were
migrated from the python sf project to the new python-mode sf project.

> And I don't quite recall having ever submitted a patch to python-mode
> (though I might have forgotten). Are you sure it's mine?

As I said it isn't. That patch referred to above will almost certainly not
work for newest CVS python -- at least it didn't many months ago. Has someone
since then created a new version of the patch?

>> I think the best approach would be to mail Skip Montanaro
>> <montanaro at tttech.com> (or <skip at pobox.com>) directly and ask what one
>> has to do to get the darned thing applied.  Its a pain to keep
>> updating our version of python-mode as they make changes to it.
>> I'm going to write to him now and will CC you.

While we're at it I've also fixed what I take to be 2 other stupidities in
python mode:

- eliminated an almost certainly spurious (interactive-p); IIRC the reason I
  did that is that it it broke C-u C-c! (i.e. starting py-shell so that it
  prompts for arguments which is useful to e.g. to start ipython with a
  certain profile (by passing "-p some_profile"), without hardcoding it
- calling M-x py-shell (viz C-c!) in *Python* now doesn't
  switch'es-to-buffer-other-window because if one is already in the *Python*
  buffer than that's almost certainly *not* what one want.

I've just made a patch against the newest CVS python and I'll attach it to the
message (because the desire to call ipython from emacs with a certain profile
has been expressed here a few times and doing it with C-u py-shell). Of course
this really belongs to the python-mode patch tracker, but before I spend time
submitting anything there I really want to see some feedback on the
ipython-compatibility patch originally submitted by me years ago and now
apparently/maybe (?) updated by someone else.

> At any rate, this is good. I hope they pick that ball up, it's a silly
> duplication of effort on our part, and we have more than enough fish to fry
> around here.

Indeed. Provided there is a version of the patch that works against CVS
python-mode.el than I think ipython/ipython-mode.el by now have a large enough
user base that at least giving some reason for *not* accepting the patch
wouldn't seem to much to ask for. If there isn't I'll try to help creating one
provided someone provides me with an assurance that it will be accepted (if it
fullfils some reasonable criteria).


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