[IPython-dev] Towards IPython 1.0, the famous big cleanup

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Apr 15 15:08:14 EDT 2005

Jack Moffitt wrote:
>>>Not that I like the new decorator syntax, but something like:
>>>def run_batch(...)
>>>  ...
>>>Is pretty easy to read and grok.
>>Yup, but that's 2.4.  I'm trying to hold on to 2.2 compatibility for as 
>>long as I can.  That may be too much to ask, but definitely 2.3 will be a 
>>target, so 2.4-specific features may be out.
> You can easily do both (I think).  Just make your new_magic_method(x) do:
> x = InteractiveShell.magicmethod(x)
> Then people adding new magic (if they are using 2.4) can use the easier
> decorator syntax, and the rest of the world can do it however they want
> :)
> Anyway, I've been reading various cool tricks people are doing with
> decorators, so I had it on the brain :)

I'll keep it in mind, thanks for the feedback.  If it's possible to make it 
decorator-friendly, I'll definitely do so.  I'll have to see in practice if it 
all works out, but in principle I don't see why not (I just worry about 
mucking with the running instance, but I haven't really thought about it).

And I agree, decorators are also growing on me.  It's just that I want to 
avoid _requiring_ them for ipython.



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