[IPython-dev] Default parameter completer

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Wed Apr 20 02:22:19 EDT 2005

Le Mercredi 20 Avril 2005 06:59, gsakkis at eden.rutgers.edu a écrit :

> I've written a matcher that provides the available default keyword
> arguments for the most recent open call; check below for a snapshot of
> interactive usage. It's not perfect (e.g. it cannot handle builtins), but
> I think it's adequate for most cases.

Sounds good ! I like it very much :o)

> I just subscribed to the list, so I have two questions on integrating new
> features: - What's the procedure for adding a new feature to the official
> release (of course if is deemed good, original and useful enough) ?
> - If for any reason it can't make it to the official release, what's the
> suggested way to integrate it in my own copy ? Currently I simply hacked
> iplib.py, but I wonder if there's a more elegant way to add new
> functionality.

Well, I think that Fernando will add this feature !

But it is possible to use the (recent) hook for matchers to implement yours. 
Have a look here:


You can add new matchers using the set_custom_completer() method of the __IP 

You need IPython 0.6.13.

PS : I would like to try it; could you send me the code of you matcher ?


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