[IPython-dev] IPython prompt delay

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Dec 1 12:11:46 EST 2005

Stefan van der Walt wrote:
> While looking at your problem I found another:
> $ ipython -prompt_in1 | some_nonexisting_program
> *boom*
> In the manpage, it describes the input option as
> -prompt_in1|pi1 <string>
> which I find rather confusing.  Like
> -no|banner
> which clearly means -[no]banner, the options above looked more like
> -promp_in1 or -prompt_pi1 to me.

You are right, this is confusing, I should have worded it differently.  The 
second form is meant to be a shorhand for the first, so:

-foo|f -> use '-foo' or '-f'

and I should have written:

-[no]bar -> both '-bar' and '-nobar' are valid, the second negating the first.

I'll fix the manpage and docs accordingly, thanks for pointing this out.

> After figuring that I had to use the -pi1 option, I tried
> $ ipython -pi1 \$\{ }
> *crash*

I agree that it shouldn't crash, but you also shouldn't feed it unbalanced 
parens :)  This will work:

planck[~/.ipython]> ipython -pi1 'Hi Stefan>' -nobanner

Hi Stefan>



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