[IPython-dev] Distribution via "Easy Install"?

Ville Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 14:20:54 EST 2005

Ok, here's how it's made to work easily, if not as neatly (instead of
single .egg file in site-packages we get a .egg directory there, with
all the ipython files blown open). User won't see the difference,

In setup.py, change the setup command to be used and add zip_safe =
false to setup options:

#from distutils.core import setup
from setuptools import setup


setup(name             = name,
      version          = version,
      description      = description,
      long_description = long_description,
      author           = authors['Fernando'][0],
      author_email     = authors['Fernando'][1],
      url              = url,
      license          = license,
      platforms        = platforms,
      keywords         = keywords,
      zip_safe         = False,

#    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ here!

      packages         = ['IPython', 'IPython.Extensions'],
      scripts          = scriptfiles,

And then, to create the egg do

> python setup.py bdist_egg

the egg can be installed by

> sudo easy_install dist/ipython-0.6.16.svn-py2.4.egg

Try it out, it worked for me, even w/ "ipython -p pysh" and "rm -Rf ~/.ipython".

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