[IPython-dev] Debugger patch

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Dec 24 20:09:43 EST 2005

Hi Vivian,

Vivian De Smedt wrote:

> I'm in the process a cutting my patch to the IPython code to improve the 
> Python debugger version of the IPython to make it more IPythonic ;-).

> *The new features*
> The change cover better support for:
>     * the print of the current point of execution
>           o it is now printed the way IPython print traceback
>     * the "where" command
>           o each stack is printed the way IPython print the traceback frames
>           o the IPython stacks level are not printed anymore in the
>             result making the result clearer
>     * the "list" command
>           o the code is printed the way IPython print the traceback
>           o the break point number is printed instead of a simple B
>             (that is nice since it help you to know which break point
>             you should clear or disable)
>           o the disabled breakpoints appear in a different color that
>             the active breakpoints
>     * the code completion works when IPython run in debugger mode
>       (that's nice since it help you to explore more easily the content
>       of the variable to discover why the Exception was raised or why
>       the code is wrong)

OK, I finally found some time to finish up this work and committed it.  Many 
thanks again, I think these are really very nice improvements, you did an 
excellent job.  You may be interested in loooking at the diff of what I 
actually did at:


You may find it useful in terms of understanding the organization of the 
codebase for future contributions to IPython (your patch was fine, I just 
reworked things somewhat to make them fit better in the rest, reusing more 
functionality where possible which was already there).

As I am trying to get closer to making a new release with all the accumulated 
contributions of the last few months, it would be great to have some users 
running off SVN to let me know of any problems I may have introduced.  In 
particular Vivian, please make sure that what I committed didn't break any of 
your intended functionality.

Again, many thanks for this contribution, and sorry for my being so delayed in 
  its integration.  It makes for a nice IPython Christmas present :)

Best to all, and happy holidays!



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