[IPython-dev] smart indent, multiline statement history and multiline statement edition

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Dec 27 03:03:42 EST 2005

Hans Meine wrote:
> On Sunday 02 October 2005 18:25, Vivian De Smedt wrote:
>>Since autoindent is pretty enough to propose you identation each time
>>you could need one or to say it differently when autoindent is on the
>>tab touch is unnecessary I propose a smartindent mode (which could just
>>the autoindent mode if you like it).
>>In that mode the autoindent proposition of leading space is forgotten if
>>the first character of a line is a space or a tabulation.
> Nice idea indeed.
> I wonder what we can do about another use case which I stumble over 
> repeatedly:
> Usually, I like tabs in my code files.  However, when cut&pasting from 
> (X)Emacs into IPython, readline interprets the <tab>s as completion requests.  
> AFAICS, a smart indent mode could help: It could simply interpret tabs at the 
> beginning of the line different from tabs after some non-whitespace 
> characters!?  (/me hopes that readline does not make this too difficult)
> I am very much looking forward to such a thing indeed! :-)

Fixed in SVN, along with the improved cut-and-paste support.

Thanks for the suggestion.



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