[IPython-dev] [PATCH] Further improvements of paging system (Windows-specific)

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Dec 29 13:31:56 EST 2005

Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>   Another improvements of paging system (on Windows):
>   - function get_console_size for Windows console
>     returns size of current console as (sizex,sizey)
>   - with function get_console_size() page_dumb can fit
>     each page exactly on one full screen.
> Added module winconsole.py with special function get_console_size(). 
> This module needed only for Windows. Function get_console_size works 
> only if ctypes installed. Otherwise it returns default values for size 
> of console (80, 25).
> In addition with my previous patch to page_dumb it makes dumb pager is 
> not so dumb ;-)

OK, sorry for the very long delay on this issue.  As you can tell from the 
recent string of emails, I'm catching up :)

Many thanks for your patch, I just committed it.  Please test from SVN and let 
me know how it works (as well as other win32 users).



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