[IPython-dev] Re: some trouble with screen formatting in ipython

Dennis Heuer dh at triple-media.com
Sat Feb 19 14:34:24 EST 2005

Am 19.02.2005 11:58:49 schrieb(en) Fernando Perez:
> Fernando Perez wrote:
> > I'll try to add an option for flush left prompts in a convenient manner, as 
> > this is a reasonable request.  I'll also allow empty output prompts if you 
> > want: while I personally don't like this (I like to know the difference 
> > between a return value --which is cached-- and plain print statements), it's 
> > up to the users.
> Fixed in CVS, please see the new option for prompt padding in the rc file.
> Best,
> f

OK, I can live with no colors at the moment but the alignment problem is somewhat crucial and lets me ignore ipython completely. The point is that if there are two cases that align output differently, this is rather confusing than helpful. Second, when the input prompt is somewhat long (because of the full path name, for example) and the output prompt aligns to it, the often rather longer output is squeezed against the right border while the left area is fully left blank. This is of no help.

P.s.: Your statement to the coloring code made me think. Possibly, you want to control the screen too much and should rather go with default ncurses functions? Just an imagination (I don't know the code). Often, doing it all manually is the wrong choice.



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