[IPython-dev] Re: [IPython-user] win32 installer woes...

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jan 24 15:58:17 EST 2005

Viktor Ransmayr wrote:

>>where they run from.  In case anyone is interested in testing this 
>>fixed win32 installer, it is here:
>>Feedback on how this release works for Windows users would be greatly 
> Installation, Usage of IPython & PySH plus De-Installation works for me.

Great, thanks for the info.

> I wanted to give this feedback right away to let you know. - However 
> I'll still want to
> follow up on my side to find out, why I did explicitely change the 
> directory.
> I'll keep you informed about my findings.

This may have been a remnant of some intermediate tests, or of the old manual 
installation code.  As far as I can tell, it's now completely unnecessary.  I 
am attaching the current version of the post-install script, which is a 
cleanup of yours. The accompanying setup.py is also here.  You can see that 
all the post-install script does is call create_shortcut, which can be done 
from anywhere in the filesystem.  There is no need to be at any particular 
location, hence no need to call chdir().

Now, it's obviously a bug in the python installer to segfault on chdir(), but 
that's one I simply don't have time to pursue right now.  It would probably be 
a good idea to follow this up by logging it on sourceforge, if you can confirm 
the segfaults with



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