[IPython-dev] ANN: IPython 0.6.10 is out.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Jan 27 15:48:13 EST 2005

Hi all,

I'm glad to announce the release of IPython 0.6.10.  IPython's homepage is at:


and downloads are at:


I've provided RPMs (for Python 2.3, built under Fedora Core 3), plus source 
downloads (.tar.gz).  We now also have a native win32 installer.

Debian, Fink and BSD packages for this version should be coming soon, as the
respective maintainers (many thanks to Jack Moffit, Andrea Riciputi and Dryice
Liu) have the time to follow their packaging procedures.

Many thanks to Enthought for their continued hosting support for IPython, and
to all the users who contributed ideas, fixes and reports.

Release notes

As always, the NEWS file can be found at http://ipython.scipy.org/NEWS, and 
the full ChangeLog at http://ipython.scipy.org/ChangeLog.

* The major highlight of this release is vastly improved support for Windows 
users.  Thanks to a lot of help from Viktor Ransmayr (installer work) and Gary 
Bishop (coloring problems), now Windows users finally should have an ipython 
with all the functionality available under Unix.

There is now a true win32 executable installer:


This can be double-clicked and it will do a real windows installation, 
allowing later de-installation via the Control Panel.  It will also warn if it 
detects that ctypes and/or readline are missing (needed for coloring/tab support).

Full source syntax highlighting had always been broken under win32, and the 
bug turned out to be in ipython's formatting code.  Thanks to Gary's debugging 
help, this problem is now fixed.  You can test it by typing in ipython:

import code

You should see properly highligted sources, as shown in this (new) screenshot:


Under Win32, ipython will now honor (if it exists) the $HOME environment 
variable and it will put your .ipython/ directory there.  This should be more 
consistent for Win32 users who have a unix-like setup.  If $HOME is not 
defined, the previous behavior remains (HOMEDRIVE\HOMEPATH).

I also fixed a crash for pylab users under win32 with multithreaded backends 

I would appreciate reports of any problems from Win32 users.

* (X)Emacs users: I incorporated Alex Schmolck's recent fixes and improvements 
to ipython.el.  Since the python-mode project still hasn't made a release with 
the changes which IPython needs, I've temporarily copied today's CVS snapshot 
(v 4.70) of python-mode.el here:


Once they make an official release, I'll remove this.

* Small cleanups and improvements to numutils, including new amin/amax and 
empty_like utility functions.  The deprecated spike/spike_odd functions have 
been removed.

* Fix issue 24 from the bug tracker: spurious attribute access on assignment 
(foo.x=1 would trigger a __getattr__ call on foo).

* Fix reporting of compound names in verbose exception reporting mode.  This 
had been broken since the beginning of ipython (the tokenization logic was a 
bit tricky).

* Fix gtk deprecation warnings (A. Straw patch).

* Fix crash when inspecting instances without an __init__ method (reported by 
N. Nemenc).

* Fix quote stripping bug in shell access (P. Ramachandran report).

* Other minor fixes and cleanups, both to code and documentation.

Enjoy, and as usual please report any problems.



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