[IPython-dev] Re: [IPython-user] ANN: IPython 0.6.10 is out.

Viktor Ransmayr viktor.ransmayr at t-online.de
Sun Jan 30 15:56:09 EST 2005

Hi Fernando,

> You wrote:
>> Did you just download the 0.6.10 binary, or are you using one you 
>> downloaded after the announcement?  I noticed this problem a few 
>> hours after the original release, and I quietly updated the files, 
>> hoping nobody had grabbed them yet (bad practice, I know).
>> I just tested (again) with an up-to-date 0.6.10 (basically anything 
>> downloaded after Jan.28, 1:43 pm (GMT-6hrs).  It worked fine, under 
>> python 2.3.
>> Please grab again the 0.6.10 download and test it by installing 
>> ipython for 2.3, all my tests show that it works perfectly.
> I downloaded the file "ipython-0.6.10.win32.exe" on 01/27/2005 21:36 
> (GMT +1),
> so I've grabed the old one.
> I'll download the Python 2.3 specific version again now.

I'll verified with your updated version. - It works fine. - I even 
created a windows binary installer
from source and got the same result.

I should have first verified that the sources had the initial problem, 
before following
the link/ os.chdir() way. - It just looked so obvious :-(

Sorry for creating noise and confusion. - I'll keep you posted on my
findings with distustils in 2.3.4 vs. 2.3.5c1 vs. 2.4 ...



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