[IPython-dev] Notebook format idea

Tzanko Matev tsanko at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 12:42:03 EDT 2005

Hi Toni,

I have a question about the notebook format. How do you plan to
implement python code? I guess that something like

code = Code("""
   #some python code

is not a good idea, because no text editor with python support would
recognize the string as python code. Probably something like

#some python code
code = Code.end()

would work. When the file is converted to a printable format you first
parse it using the parse module and convert all the code segments of the
above form to something like the first example, and then you run the
result to produce the file you need.

Right now I'm using my own very simple notebook format. For now I will
keep on using it, because the internal representation of data does not
depend much on the file format.

Best regards,

P.S. Sorry for the private email

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