[IPython-dev] Notebook roadmap

Toni Alatalo antont at an.org
Mon Jul 4 07:18:52 EDT 2005

Robert Kern wrote:

> Fernando and I hashed out a few things on the phone today.


BTW: Fernando mentioned the meeting possibilities in one early post -- 
perhaps VOIP using Skype or something would be good at some point, but 
FYI also that I'm usually hanging on Freenode IRC as antont and we could 
set a channel there too (#ipython #notebook #scipy or something..)

> Short version: XML wins for now, even if I had to threaten to kidnap 
> Fernando's cat to do it. Long version:
>   http://www.scipy.org/wikis/featurerequests/NoteBook

ok. as the last thing last week i also took a brief look at ElementTree, 
and actually had decided now to continue the work by looking into it 
more if there would be no info guiding otherwise, so good to get this 

> There's a page there for adding user stories. I've already added the 
> ones Hans has posted and some of my own. If you would like to add your 
> own stories (aka "feature requests"), please make yourself an account 
> and edit the Wiki to your liking.

thanks - actually the main thing i had in mind for the start of this 
project was to ask for use cases / user stories, 'cause the requirements 
haven't been too clear at all. but it was good also to do little warm-up 
coding too to get an idea.

was also fun to see that the Scipy tutorial was suggested as the target, 
'cause was reading just that last week to further study an example 
notebook :) .. IIRC the current one is written in LaTEX, i suppose the 
source is somewhere too.

> Documentation on the XML format and API will be forthcoming. 
> Hopefully, we will have SVN space by Tuesday or Wednesday.

ok. i'll study the Docutils DTD and the workings (perhaps internals) of 
ElementTree before that, so can comment on those then. btw, i joined 
docutils-dev and have been wondering how they see ElementTree .. as 
docutils documents are element trees too, perhaps it would make sense 
even for docutils to use the elementree lib (am not sure yet about what 
it provides to) .. if it would be written today (probably is not worth a 
rewrite tho).


P.S. to Tzanko's question / idea about code in the books -- i have no 
thoughts on that yet. will try to keep Robert's REPL arguments in mind 
for that, and the remarks from Hans Meine and others.

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