[IPython-dev] Leo, IPython and the summer of code

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Tue Jul 5 16:36:14 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 05 July 2005 19:55, Hans Meine wrote:
> I must be dreaming.  I *will* investigate what Leo offers.  It feels
> strange to me that there are such large gaps (/missing links) in the world
> wide "web", that things like IPython and Leo can remain undiscovered.

OK, as Robert already pointed out, Leo is not the solution to all our 
problems.  I digged through the first tutorials (awfully slow server AFAICS, 
and little text with screenies for dummies), this is my summary in case 
someone wants to pick up where I leave it at for now (maybe you get more 
ideas for the "ideal" notebook interface):

Leo is an "outline editor" (unfortunately using TkInter, which means I had to 
install TK, TCL and python again).  To the upper left, you see the outline, 
an editable tree structure.  You can add, rename and delete nodes as you 
wish, or even "clone" them; the nodes have reference counts > 2 then and 
become regular nodes again when you delete all but one instance.

Each node can have text associated with it, which is displayed in the editor 
pane below.  This text can be syntax-highlighted code, too.

Press Ctrl+Shift+F ("Import to @file") to create a special node which imports 
a source file (e.g. Python, the tutorial uses Java); leo will create a large 
subtree with classes and methods from that source.  When saving, the tree 
struture is flattened and saved to the file again.  (In addition to the 
native .leo files.)  If you change the structure within Leo (e.g. create 
sub-nodes that do not correspond to classes or functions), the result will 
contain special comments that Leo can use to re-create the structure from the 

Much relies on @directives like the @file above or a @language directive that 
switches on syntax highlighting for all sub-nodes and tells Leo how to handle 
the sourcecode stuff mentioned above.

It's a literate programming tool, and although it looks interesting, it does 
not seem to be what I hoped it was either.  I think Edward was a little 
unprecise, too. ;-)  Interesting (domain) name though.. "edream". :-)

Ciao, /  /                                                    .o.
     /--/                                                     ..o
    /  / ANS                                                  ooo
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