[IPython-dev] Re: Leo, IPython and the summer of code

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jul 5 17:44:50 EDT 2005

Robert Kern wrote:
> Edward K. Ream wrote:
>>More importantly, Leo, right now, implements everything envisioned in 
>>the project description:
>>- Leo works well with IPython. See below for details.
> It does not interact with IPython in the way we need. The proposal is a 
> bit unclear as to the precise goal of this project. It gives undue 
> emphasis on the file format which gives readers the impression that it 
> is proposing a new literate programming tool. If that were the case, 
> then Leo would satisfy the proposal just fine.

I take blame for that lack of clarity, and sorry if it confused anyone.  It 
was mostly a poorly-worded attempt at providing a code sketch that would give 
potential applicants something to read and gauge their own interest in 

In my defense, part of the confusion comes from the fact that even the basic 
design had to be hashed out, as it's not completely trivial (at least, it has 
taken a lot of email and two long telephone conversations with John Hunter 
--matplotlib-- and Robert Kern, people whom I respect tremendously, so it's 
not just a 5 minute thing.  Either that or John, Robert and I are just dumb 
beyond salvation :)

I jumped on the opportunity to grab the google summer of code students to 
participate in this, though it's clear that part of the project will involve 
discussing/understanding the best approach.  I think though that by now we've 
converged fairly well on an that part, and we can start moving on in 
implementation work.



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