[IPython-dev] IPython and Qt?!

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Wed Jun 1 05:43:30 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 31 May 2005 21:04, Fernando Perez wrote:
> >>I patched IPython/Shell.py to run a QApplication in
> >>a separate thread, and my first experiments were quite successful.
> [...]
> I love it when I get to use my little time machine :)

Quite effective, that one.

> Did you have a look at last night's (my time) announcement of   ipython
> 0.6.14?
Er.. _your time_ ;-)  BTW: I suscribed just before posting, but of course I 
could have had a look in the archives only to find that there would have been 
no announcement because you travelled back in time just after my mail, but 
then I could have caught the difference in the archives later.. ;-))

> The big new feature there is Qt support... 

> Note that the Qt support in ipython wasn't written by me, but by a group
> of friends who are extremely experienced with Qt.  I think they found
> out, after trying something like your patch, that it wasn't quite
> enough.
I myself was very suprised that my short patch worked so well in my tests, 

> In certain cases, things could still block.
...intuitively expected sth. like this.

> If you read the  
> current Shell.py, you'll see that they play some special tricks with the
> timer to avoid deadlocks.
Will have a look. :-)

> Have a look at .14, and let me know if it doesn't do what you need...
That's what I do ATM (trying .14).

Thanks for the great work.

BTW: In our python shell, filename completion works (only) within strings.  
So, when typing
  loadFile(42, "foo/bar/b<tab>
I will get the filename parameter completed.

I guess when I ask whether you planned sth. like this, too, you'll tell my 
that you released (and announced) .15 just yesterday. ;-)

Have a nice day,

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