[IPython-dev] IPython and Qt?!

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Jun 1 13:53:52 EDT 2005

Hans Meine wrote:
> On Tuesday 31 May 2005 21:04, Fernando Perez wrote:

> BTW: In our python shell, filename completion works (only) within strings.  
> So, when typing
>   loadFile(42, "foo/bar/b<tab>
> I will get the filename parameter completed.
> I guess when I ask whether you planned sth. like this, too, you'll tell my 
> that you released (and announced) .15 just yesterday. ;-)

Something like...

In [1]: loadfile(42,'/etc/hos
/etc/host.conf    /etc/hosts        /etc/hosts.allow  /etc/hosts.deny

In [1]: loadfile(42,"/etc/ho
/etc/host.conf    /etc/hosts.allow  /etc/hotplug      /etc/howl
/etc/hosts        /etc/hosts.deny   /etc/hotplug.d


But no, I can't pull the time-machine on you for this one. 
Tab-completion of filenames within strings had been broken for ages, and 
I just had a quick look, while waiting for the cvs->svn transition.  It 
turned out not to be so hard to fix.  It may not work in all cases 
(filename completion, when trying to account for embedded spaces and 
platform-dependent problems, is a nasty problem full of special cases). 
  But my quick fixes seem to do the job for most cases.

Since CVS will now live for bugfixes, with all new development in the 
soon-to-be svn repo, I've just committed this to CVS.  Feel free to test 
from there, but note that you'll need to change your ipythonrc file to 
read (look for this string):

readline_remove_delims -/~

so that the '" characters are treated as delimiters and tab-completion 
works correctly.



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