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Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Mon Jun 6 15:44:05 EDT 2005

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Hello Fernando,

I'd like to work the the notebook interface for IPython (if there's not yet been
anybody else).

I've read your project description document, and I have some remarks, for
everything else I need some quiet hours:

@GUI: I'd really like to see IPython having a GUI interface at all. If it were
only code, using Scintilla (like PyCrust) will be the best choice, but I think
embedding pictures and other content will require changes in the codebase of
Scintilla, and therefore in wx. I'm not sure how likely it is that the changes
are included into the actual codebase, and forking makes it very uncomfortable
for the users.
For Gtk, there seems to be a simple text widget only, and using GtkHTML might
not be the best idea. A canvas widget exists, but is GNOME only.
For wx, there is a canvas widget and several text widgets. I do not know if any
of them support pictures out of the box.
Anyhow, creating a (possibly limited) prototype should be possible

@File format:
What about magic functions? If they are used, the file is not valid Python any
more, unless they are handled separately from normal Python code (which should
be feasible).
What if pictures are inserted? Should the be encoded and put into the Python
file? I think a zip archive with a Python file + pictures would be the better
choice there.

Moreover, I would be both interested in making the notebook interface better and
helping out with the development of IPython in general, as my time allows.

Regarding the application, I assume that you are the mentor and PSF is the
mentoring organization?


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