[IPython-dev] Notebook interface for IPython

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jun 6 16:03:24 EDT 2005

Torsten Marek wrote:
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> Hello Fernando,
> I'd like to work the the notebook interface for IPython (if there's not yet been
> anybody else).

Great.  A few others have expressed interest, but that shouldn't stop 
you from applying.  I'm not the one making the decisions, so as far as 
I'm concerned, the more the merrier :)

> I've read your project description document, and I have some remarks, for
> everything else I need some quiet hours:


just a note: a few hours ago I updated the description significantly, in 
  good part to address the GUI issues.  Please read the new one and 
let's re-discuss things based on that.

> @File format:
> What about magic functions? If they are used, the file is not valid Python any
> more, unless they are handled separately from normal Python code (which should
> be feasible).

magics are called as ipmagic('foo') already, so the magic calls are 
already valid python code.  You can try logstart foo.py in ipython and 
then look at the log file (foo.py) to see what ipython generates internally.

> What if pictures are inserted? Should the be encoded and put into the Python
> file? I think a zip archive with a Python file + pictures would be the better
> choice there.

The new PDF gives some examples of this.  Obviously, all is open to 
discussion at this point, and a good part of the project will actually 
involve thinking about these problems.

> Moreover, I would be both interested in making the notebook interface better and
> helping out with the development of IPython in general, as my time allows.

Great, welcome aboard!

> Regarding the application, I assume that you are the mentor and PSF is the
> mentoring organization?

Yup.  Use the PSF radio button on the application, and mention in the 
description that I'll be mentoring students.  Don't forget to link to 
the project PDF, which is the key document for reviewers.



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