[IPython-dev] [ANN] IPython 0.6.12 is out.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Mar 2 10:58:58 EST 2005

[ Norbert, your message originally was dropped b/c the ipython lists don't 
allow non-subscriber postings.  I've whitelisted you manually]

> Subject: Re: [IPython-dev] [ANN] IPython 0.6.12 is out.
> From: Norbert Tretkowski <nobse at debian.org>
> Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 12:31:13 +0100
> To:  ipython-dev at scipy.net
> * Fernando Perez wrote:
>>* Fix for Debian, which recently removed the profiler module from
>>the default python distribution and moved it to non-free.
> Great, so we can remove that patch. Thanks.
> Debian packages are available[0], and will be uploaded to Debian
> unstable as soon as I get an answer from Jack Moffitt, the current
> maintainer of Debian's ipython package.
> Regards, Norbert
> [0]: http://people.debian.org/~nobse/debian/unstable/

Thanks.  I should have been more explicit in the announcement, in stating the 
fact I used the debian patch with only minor format modifications.  This is 
the full changelog entry:

	* IPython/Magic.py (Magic.profile_missing_notice): Don't crash if
	the profiler can't be imported.  Fix for Debian, which removed
	profile.py because of License issues.  I applied a slightly
	modified version of the original Debian patch at



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