[IPython-dev] Completer in ipython 0.6.12

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Mar 17 13:39:00 EST 2005

Frédéric Mantegazza wrote:

> Well, it works, but not exactly in the same way as before. Now, I get all 
> matches, ie the standard ones, and mine. But I would like to see only 
> mines, ie do not call other matchers if mine returns something.
>>This is something which I can then expose with a public function that
>>wraps some of this boilerplate. 
> Yes, please ! If youd do, it may be possible to the have both behaviours: as 
> it is now, ie returning all matches from all matcher methods; or only 
> return matches from the first matcher method which returns somethings. 
> Then, matcher methods order is to take in account.

OK, there was a change (by user request) in .12 to merge all namespaces in 
completions.  Now it turns out you don't like it :)  It should be possible to 
make this configurable, though by default the behavior will be the new one. 
But I'll give you a flag you can set to restore the old one.  Give me a few 
days though.  And I'll wrap the matcher addition into a simple public function.



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