[IPython-dev] Some ideas for more hooks

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Fri Mar 18 02:20:54 EST 2005

Le Jeudi 17 Mars 2005 19:43, Fernando Perez a écrit :

> No, it's not normal.  I sent it to the list, so you should have gotten
> that.

Strange. I think that the mailing-list robot as seen that you cross-posted 
both to me and the list, detected that I'm on the list, so didn't send the 
message by the list way...  Maybe...

> > We do not have public page, but Ican make a little paper for you (I
> > already did for the Pyro project page).
> That would be very nice.

I will spend this morning to work on both updating my document and writing 
this paper.

> I need to see this example.  Would you mind completing the little draft
> you sent with this info and code examples?  I'd like to keep that whole
> document as a guide for the next few weeks worth of work, and it's much
> better if it's organized into a real document rather than scattered in
> pieces on an email thread.


> You could add a syntax prefilter yourself, which blocks on 'del foo' with
> an error message.  There is no way to prevent all avenues for deletion
> (exec can fool you), but this would cover most normal cases.  And you can
> do that today, with the existing machinery in ipython.  Look at the
> manual for examples of syntax prefilters.

I forgot this filters ! I think I can do the job with this feature.


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