[IPython-dev] A plea for help with a threading bug...

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Sat Mar 19 05:58:24 EST 2005

>>>>> "FP" == Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu> writes:

    FP> Hi all, I got this bug report:

    FP> http://www.scipy.net/roundup/ipython/issue30
    FP> Since this is caused by some race condition, in order to
    FP> reproduce the problem, the TIMEOUT variable of
    FP> IPShellWX/IPShellGTK can be set to 1.

Well, why should you set the TIMEOUT to 1 in the first place?  Thats 1
millisecond between calls to the on_timer function.  Theoretically, if
it takes more than 1 millisecond to execute the runcode method this is
asking for trouble isn't it?


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