[IPython-dev] A plea for help with a threading bug...

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Sat Mar 19 13:32:42 EST 2005

>>>>> "YI" == Yariv Ido <yariv at vipe.technion.ac.il> writes:

    YI> Hi, First of all, the segmentation fault is caused by some
    YI> race condition.  Setting the TIMEOUT to 1 just increases the
    YI> probability of that happening, so you could debug it more
    YI> efficiently. If you would like to avoid setting it, try
    YI> running ipython with the -gthread flag, and pressing 'tab'
    YI> repeatedly...  More thoughts on the subject:

Well, I can't seem to reproduce this.  I even set TIMEOUT to 1.
Debian, ipython-0.6.12_cvs (updated a week or two ago), pygtk-2.6.2.


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