[IPython-dev] PyMAD/IPython which list updated

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Mon Mar 21 03:36:04 EST 2005

Le Dimanche 20 Mars 2005 12:20, Fernando Perez a écrit :

> Thanks for this update.  Below follow a few more comments, it would be
> great if you could keep the doc updated as we hash out the issues.  I'm
> thinking a wiki would be great for this, but for now we don't have one. 
> So while I code, you can be the FrédéWiki ;-)  I actually think most
> things will be cleared up in short order, so in reality there's no need
> to do much.

Ok, I'll update the doc each time I implment and make a solution run. But 
the wiki is a very good idea :o)

> [...]
> OK, that's quite a lot.  All of this is in CVS, please test it
> extensively and let me know how it all goes.

Fernando, this is great ! Thank you very much for all this big work. I will 
spend the next days to implement all this features, and also have a closer 
look at the documentation, because it seems that I missed some nice already 
implemented features (push(), %sc, %sx, macros...).

And I have some more ideas/needs ;o)


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