[IPython-dev] PyMAD/IPython which list updated

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Mar 25 06:58:12 EST 2005

Frédéric Mantegazza wrote:
> Le Mercredi 23 Mars 2005 18:16, Fernando Perez a écrit :
>>>Could it be possible to print the Docstring informations after all
>>>other ones ?
>>I don't understand what you mean here, please be as specific as possible.
>> Do you just want the order to be changed, so docstrings go last?
> Yes.

OK, then the answer is no :)  I'm sorry, but I don't want to lump all 
docstrings at the end, because they serve different purposes.  IPython tries 
to give obj.__doc__ by default, but if it is a class/callable, it tries to add 
some extra information which may be useful.  But the constructor docstring 
only makes sense next to the rest of the constructor information.  It would be 
bad (usability-wise) to lump all docstrings into one ball at the end, 
disconnected from the structures they represent.

>>You could just override getdoc in OInspect, but I have a feeling that
>>some of what you want to do is simply impossible.  You'll need to be very
>>clear and specific in describing (make up a mock example if you want)
>>_exactly_ what you need to do.  Only in that case will I be able to help
>>you further.
> The problem is not simple, as I'm working on remote objects through proxies 
> (if we met at Grenoble, I'll explain you exactly how it works, but it is 
> very difficult for me to describe all the stuff in english :o/). I have an 
> idea how to do the job. It is not easy for me to explain, so I will post 
> the code as soon as I can make it work. But it is very specific to my 
> problem, and don't have to be implemented in IPython. Maybe just have some 
> minor changes to make things easier to do... I'll let you know.

OK, let me know once you have something implemented, and it may be possible to 
make it easier for you on the ipython side.  But ultimately it seems you are 
trying to do something odd enough, that some hacking on your side is going to 
be unavoidable.

>>With a proper explanation, the fix was actually trivial.  Checked into
>>CVS, let me know if it does what you need.
> Great ! Again, sorry for my poor english, leading to these lack of 
> understanding...

No worries.



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