[IPython-dev] Why does Debugger.Pdb inherit from bdb.Bdb, cmd.Cmd?

Tom Locke tom at livelogix.com
Sun May 22 00:38:11 EDT 2005


I'm writing a custom Python debugger. The base class will either be 
pdb.Pdb or IPython.Debugger.Pdb if that is available.

I noticed that IPython .Pdb inherits from dbd.Bdb and cmd.Cmd directly, 
despite the fact that pdb.Pdb already does so. I don't understand why, 
so I just wanted to ask in case I'm missing something important.

I realise Debugger.Pdb.__init__ cannot call pdb.Pdb.__init__ directly, 
as it needs to pass completekey=None to Cmd.__init__, but I don't see 
why it can't just have pdb.Pdb as its single base class.

Am I missing something?


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