[IPython-dev] Life after .14...

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue May 31 03:04:28 EDT 2005

Hi all,

well, now that .14 is out the door with the accumulated bugfixes (more than I 
was expecting, to be honest) and the nice new Qt support, it's time to start 
doing core work on ipython.

Since I know it's inevitable that new bugs will appear, when a 0.6.15 release 
is needed for bugfixing, I'll simply branch off the current CVS tag.  That 
also means that anyone sending me patches should use the tag


to work on any patches you send me.  Once work on that tag begins, I'll make a 
MAINT branch out of it.  Btw, this is what i read up quickly about branches 
and tags in CVS, which I've never used before.  If I'm screwing up on that 
front, please let me know right away.

I will move the version number now to 0.9.0_cvs, to indicate that the trunk is 
now only for HIGHLY UNSTABLE DEVELOPMENT.  Please, anyone who used to follow 
ipython CVS should stop doing so now, as I plan on breaking things left and right.

As I'd mentioned before, since my resources are so limited, this means that 
0.6.14 will be effectively the end of the road for the current ipython, 
bugfixes excepted.  I will now spend all my time on the internal cleanup, and 
that means that for a while, no new features will go in unless someone sends 
me a 100% ready-to-go patch which applies cleanly against the .14 CVS tagged code.

I think the current code is stable and functional enough that most people 
won't be affected by this in any way.  But in order to effectively use ipython 
in new and more complex ways, cleaner internals are really needed.  I hope 
that after the wait is over, it will have been worth it.

Thanks to all who have used ipython so far or helped me in any way with it.



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