[IPython-dev] Windows share patch

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Wed Nov 2 15:04:05 EST 2005


The patch still works as expected for me. I have not run into any 
problems yet.

Fernandez I think I have an idea that will make it possible for you to 
test the patch even if you are not on a windows network with your 
windows machine. By enabling sharing on some folder on your computer (do 
this by right clicking on the folder and choosing share (I'm not sure 
about the exact wording since I'm on a swedish computer)). Check the 
share permissions to see that there are reasonable defaults that apply 
to your account. Then you should be able to access that folder via an 
explorer window as \\COMPUTER\FOLDER. If this works then you could try 
it from the command prompt:

cd \\COMPUTER\FOLDER  will fail because UNC paths are not allowed
pushd \\COMPUTER\FOLDER should work by automatically mounting a drive 
(e.g. Z:/Folder)
popd takes you back

If this works your ready to try it from IPython.

This approach works for me when I'm connected to my home network (with 
only one apple computer on it).

Of course you should be careful about leaving shared folders open for 
anyone to connect to.


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