[IPython-dev] wildcard patch

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sun Nov 13 15:31:35 EST 2005

Jörgen Stenarson wrote:
> Fernando Perez wrote:
> ...
>>One comment: as I use this system more and more, I'm wondering if we 
>>shouldn't make the default search be case sensitive.  Python is a case 
>>sensitive language, so I think that the search should by default match 
>>the language.  I think it's a good idea to offer the case insensitive 
>>alternative, for when you really don't know what something may be even 
>>vaguely called, but I'm leaning towards having this facility more 
>>closely follow language defaults.

> I can see your point in having a case sensitive search but I mainly use 
> this to look for things I'm not sure about... So at this time I think I 
> prefer case insensitive. But perhaps this should be put in ipythonrc as 
> an option since this is certainly a matter of taste. But perhaps that 
> work should be left for the branch.

OK, I propose a compromise: I'll change the default behavior to be case 
sensitive, but I'll also make it an ipythonrc option.  That way you can set it 
to your liking from day one, and nothing will change for you, while we get 
what I think is a more 'pythonic' design (it's not just 'foolish consistency' 
either, I actually find it useful to query only for names with specific case 
more often than the insensitive version).

I promise not to commit anything until I actually provide you with the rc 
option, so the system will never default to case-sensitive without giving you 
the option to get the behavior you like.  Since you wrote this to begin with, 
I think it's the least I can do :)

How does that sound?


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