[IPython-dev] Debugger patch

Vivian De Smedt vivian at vdesmedt.com
Sun Nov 27 07:15:51 EST 2005


Few times ago I send to the IPython mailing list a patch proposition 
that in my opinion improve the python debugger usability in the spirit 
of IPython.

 - it make the completion working when IPython run in debugger mode,
 - it colorize Python stack the same way IPython do for Exception stacks,
 - it hide some of the stack level that that do not belong to the script 
being debugged (actually IPython levels not relevant for the developper)

I was wondering if you still think it is worth valuable addition and if 
you plan to merge it into the IPython code?

Since it impact more that one files you could consider the integration 
as a long task.
If it these kind of considerations that slow down the integration of the 
patch I'll be glad to split my patch by feature to make the integration 
process more transparent and less stressful :-)

Tell me if I can help.
Kindest regards,

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