[IPython-dev] IPython prompt delay

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Wed Nov 30 06:57:32 EST 2005

Le Mardi 29 Novembre 2005 21:08, Fernando Perez a écrit :

> The prompt system is fully dynamic, so the easiest way is to insert a
> time.sleep() call into your prompt :)

You mean like this :

argv = ["-pi1", "${time.sleep(0.2)}PyMAD>>> ",
        "-po", " ",
        "-profile", "pymad"]
ipshell = IPShellEmbed(argv)

It works, but it displays 'None' before PyMAD. It is because time.sleep() 
returns None, I presume. How can I make it return an empty string, 
instead ?


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