[IPython-dev] svnversion used for Release.py

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Wed Dec 6 03:40:56 EST 2006

I mentioned previously:
 > There is/was a small bug
 > in pydb in calling post_mortem (via %debug) when there is no traceback
 > around. That's been fixed in pydb's version control and a release will
 > probably go out Dec 10th.

Well, actually pdb has the same bug. If you call post_mortem before
there's been an exception, you'll get one - from
post_mortem. Hmmm... perhaps just post_mortem trying to be helpful? 

It may be that ipython wants to test for this before calling
post_mortem. But with respect to pydb, the right thing is to (also)
make a check in post_mortem -- one shouldn't assume the only time
post_mortem will ever get called is from ipython.

Should other pdb users feel this a pdb bug too, some good citizen
might submit a Python bug report. (I probably won't.)

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