[IPython-dev] easy_install ipython==dev

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Feb 1 14:35:28 EST 2006

Robert Kern wrote:
> Fernando Perez wrote:

>>I just don't trust the tools, so I want to make sure that we keep them well 
>>sandboxed, so they can't cause havoc on a normal plain-distutils install by 
>>accident (like the matplotlib setup.py did, thanks to a poorly written 
>>setup.py script).
>>It would be nice to have a setuptools 'proper usage' list.  I guess it 
>>includes things like:

OK, thanks for your feedback.  I've made a page with it (and a bit more) here:


This is clearly unfinished, and I'm not an expert on the topic (and I tend to 
preemptively go negative on it, so I'm not the best one to be writing these). 
  It would be great if Ville or you can summarize the rest of how you see this 
issue here, so we have this permanently recorded somewhere other than in 
mailing list threads.

Comments from anyone else are very welcome: unfortunately only SVN committers 
can write to the wiki, but I'll gladly take care of incorporating any changes 
you simply send to the list into that page.



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