[IPython-dev] Issue with upgrading from 0.6.15 to 0.7.0 via easy_install

Travis Caldwell travis_caldwell2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 03:28:03 EST 2006


 > I added egg construction as part of 0.7.0 mostly to satisfy  
 > user requests, but 
 > I have to admit that my experiences with the system haven't 
 > been the best, so 
 > a) I don't really know how to help here b) I'm not terribly  
 > interested in 
 > learning any more about eggs.  I find the system unpleasant to  
 > use and to 
 > cause (in IPython's case, I know there are contexts where it's  
 > indispensable) 
 > more problems than it solves.  If providing ipython in egg 
 > format continues to 
 > create hassles to users (and to myself) I may just discontinue  
 > the practice. 
 > So far eggs have cost me quite a few hours, with no 
 > discernible benefit (kind 
 > of like win32, but that's a monopoly I can't really fight ;-)

 While not too familiar with the details of eggs, I really like the
capabilities that eggs and easy_install provide. 

 Eventually, being able to 'easy_install ipython' and have everything
just work would be great.

 I think that ipthon would be a great shell for a number of other
projects and if easy_install could automatically grab ipython as a
dependancy it would lower the barrier for this use model.

 I'd hate to be the last straw that caused egg support to be

 > Neither of these functions take the same kind of argument that
 > pkg_resources.run_script() takes, so it's not surprising that    
 > what you wrote
 > doesn't work.

Sorry about that. I'm not too familiar with setup tools and I saw:

  resource_string(package_or_requirement, resource_name)
    Return the specified resource as a string. The resource is   read
in binary fashion, such that the returned string contains exactly the
bytes that are stored in the resource.

In the API doc and thought I could call it with a requirement string.

 > It's a bit difficult to diagnose without seeing your filesystem.   
 > Where are both
 > of the ipython eggs? Are they both in
 > /home/travisc/lib/python2.4/site-packages/? Is that a local    
 > site-packages for a
 > system Python executable, or is your Python executable   
 > ~/bin/python2.4, too?

 Yes, both eggs are in /home/travisc/lib/python2.4/site-packages/

 This is a local install of python in ~/bin/python2.4


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