[IPython-dev] [RFC] I want to fix some behaviour. Hints needed

Ville Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 04:52:33 EST 2006

> Try making it an edit hook. Look in hooks.py.

Extending this a bit further - your setconsoletitle sounds like
something I would like to add to general utility functions. I have too
much c:\python... windows, I'd rather have
os.path.basename(os.getcwd()) there so I can distinguish between
different windows.

I seem to remember a way to change it in unix GUI terminals as well,
perhaps through an escape sequence... but I'll make it a no-op in
non-win32 for the first iterations (help appreciated).

Furthermore, once I do that you can just put ipmagic('cd .') in your
edit hook or not do it at all.

Of course even better would be if you could whip up a patch for doing
all of this. Put your implementation in genutils.py and call it from
Magic.magic_cd() in the end.

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