[IPython-dev] RFC: IPython.ipapi for "public" ipython API.

Ville Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 12:33:02 EST 2006

It's not immediately obvious where the extension points for ipython
are, so I figured we ought to have one module that user
extensions/config files would use to plug into ipython.

I'm of course thinking of

import IPython.ipapi as ip

ip.ipmagic("%alias ls ls -F")

def f(..): ...


def mymagic_impl(self,param):


# takes place in working ns.

ip.exec("import os,sys")
ip.exec("from re import *")

It should be pretty easy to do (most funcs are just references to
existing funcs elsewhere), and it would help people willing to get
started quickly quite a bit.

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