[IPython-dev] 0.7.1 around the corner? (Was Bug in ??)

Ville Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 02:53:38 EST 2006

On 1/19/06, R. Bernstein <rocky at panix.com> wrote:

> I've been working on a little revision of the pdb.py to make it more
> usuable. Things like adding a gdb "run" (restart), turning line
> tracing on/off, filling out the command set using gdb as a guidance.
> I'd like this to be usable from ipython with minimal fuss. Also to the
> extent possible, I'd like for both the stock pdb debugger and this new
> one coexist. So if folks have suggestions for how to keep
> interoperability in both these areas, I'd be grateful.

We can add more hooks, that's the plan in any case post-0.7.1. There's
no need to rush anything in, I imagine the time period between 0.7.1 -
0.7.2 is not going to be as long as between 0.6.15 - 0.7.0.

This is also something where you can help; look for suitable hook
candidates and submit a patch. With your debugger implementation you
could ship an ipython extension that installs the required hooks, and
then import the extension in the ipython startup config files.

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