[IPython-dev] Magics, aliases now use raw strings!

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Jan 19 16:13:54 EST 2006

Jörgen Stenarson wrote:

>>Well, actually we could ship it as a subpackage:
>>import IPython.winreadline
>>This would also shield us from collisions with stray readline-like 
>>libraries which are out there and have caused problems in the past.  
>>Adding this as a subpackage to the tree is trivial, and since this 
>>module is pure python, it won't cause any problems either at 
>>distribution nor at install time.
> There is the issue with ctypes dependence for this feature. But it 
> reduces the dependence to just one package.

Yes, win32 users will still need ctypes and win32all.  But that's OK: those 
are well-maintained packages (and ctypes is going into the python stdlib for 
2.5, so that will be one less dependency).

Ville: when you bring it in, please make sure to call it winreadline, NOT 
readline, so we don't shadow the stdlib readline on local imports.



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