[IPython-dev] winreadline

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Fri Jan 20 15:35:54 EST 2006


attached is a patch for integrating winreadline with ipython. This patch 
defaults to use winreadline on windows (sys.platform=="win32" and if not 
available tries readline, we may want to make winreadline optional. I 
have not tested this extensively yet. Is there something else that needs 
changing besides init_readline in iplib.py?

The patch includes:
iplib.py    change to use winreadline on win32
IPython.winreadline  new package directory copied from UNC readline 1.12

How do we proceed? Should I get a subversion account so I can start a 
branch for the winreadline patch? Or should we do this work over the 
list? Any way I have identified a few things that need to be considered:

* Add notice that this is originally from Gary Bishop.
* How use ipython.winreadline with plain interactive python?
* Force use of winreadline or user choice on windows? Default 
winreadline user can change?
* What lineendings? Currently mixed windows, unix. By the way, seems 
ipython is also mixed.
* Change to 4 space indents

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