[IPython-dev] UNC readline and ipython

Gary Bishop gb at cs.unc.edu
Sat Jan 21 09:10:47 EST 2006

I suggest PythonReadline or some such as the name. That is what really
distinguishes it. It is written in python. Check out Ben Last's comments
about it associated with his shell Quasi. He actually derived his own class
from it allowing him to extend its capabilities, something that is
impossible with the gnu readline.

I claim (he said knowing he wouldn't have to back it up) that I could have a
Linux version of Console going in less than 1 week of work and I don't know
curses and I'm an old guy. Some Linux hacking kid on the list should be able
to do it in a few hours!

Also, do you know about Mike Graz <mnsgraz at mnsgraz.plus.com> adding vi
editing mode to it? One giant merge would be the right thing to do.


On 1/21/06, Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu> wrote:
> Gary Bishop wrote:
> > I am glad that folks find it useful. I know I do.
> >
> > I can take my version down anytime. I put it there as a service. I guess
> > there are pointers all over the web, so I should, as you say, add a note
> > that it has been superceded.
> Great, many thanks!  We'll drop you a line when this is released, so you
> can
> add such a note.
> > Something you guys should consider, IMO, is replacing readline for all
> other
> > OS! Python would benefit greatly from having its own readline written in
> > Python. To first order all that would be required is a Linux version of
> > Console.py. The rest of the code is mostly os independent.
> Good point.  In fact, just this week on python-dev there's been talk of
> _removing_ readline from python altogether in the future, due to licensing
> concerns.  readline is GPL, and it's unclear whether the FSF could come
> after
> Python for GPL violations.  Thread here:
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2006-January/059868.html
> This could future-proof us as well.  All the more reason to move forward
> with
> this plan, then!  Over time, we may experiment with enabling this under
> linux.
> Note to ipython-dev: in light of this, should we reconsider using
> winreadline
> as the package name?  Perhaps 'uncreadline' or 'gbreadline'?  Thoughts?
> > Whatever license is fine with me as long as it doesn't restrict folks
> from
> > using and modifying it.
> Thanks.  BSD is about as liberal a license as they come, so we're OK here
> then.  And it fits with the rest of ipython in this regard.
> Best,
> f
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