[IPython-dev] UNC readline and ipython

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Jan 21 09:18:11 EST 2006

Gary Bishop wrote:
> I suggest PythonReadline or some such as the name. That is what really
> distinguishes it. It is written in python. Check out Ben Last's comments
> about it associated with his shell Quasi. He actually derived his own class
> from it allowing him to extend its capabilities, something that is
> impossible with the gnu readline.

I'd then vote for


The Python naming PEP suggests all-lowercase, no-underscores names for 
packages and modules.  Since this could potentially be stdlib material in the 
future (_especially_ if they remove gnu-readline), might as well be compatible 
with their names.

> I claim (he said knowing he wouldn't have to back it up) that I could have a
> Linux version of Console going in less than 1 week of work and I don't know
> curses and I'm an old guy. Some Linux hacking kid on the list should be able
> to do it in a few hours!

I'm sure it's doable: not my priority right now, esp. given that we still have 
readline, but it will be excellent to have the foundation.  And given how we 
have some very enterprising users on the ipython lists, maybe someone will 
pick this ball up and run with it...

> Also, do you know about Mike Graz <mnsgraz at mnsgraz.plus.com> adding vi
> editing mode to it? One giant merge would be the right thing to do.

I didn't, we should probably drop him a line once the merge starts.  Ville, 
Vivian, Jorgen (our pyreadline team :): can one of you contact him and perhaps 
arrange for his patches to come through as well?



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