[IPython-dev] UNC readline and ipython

Ville Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 09:35:19 EST 2006

On 1/21/06, Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu> wrote:

> I didn't, we should probably drop him a line once the merge starts.  Ville,
> Vivian, Jorgen (our pyreadline team :): can one of you contact him and perhaps
> arrange for his patches to come through as well?

Damn, I pressend "send" accidentally.

My suggestion is, since there seems to be a handful of work with
pyreadline after all, you could give SVN access to one extra person -
Jorgen asked for them so he seems like a good bet. If Jorgen is
willing to take up the task, of course.

Ville Vainio - http://tinyurl.com/2prnb

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