[IPython-dev] [IPython-user] IPython 0.7.0 is out.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jan 24 02:13:39 EST 2006

Robert Kern wrote:
> Fernando Perez wrote:
>>The win32 installer puts the manual with a link in the start menu, and the 
>>*nix ones do put the docs and manpages in the proper places (/usr/share/doc). 
> That's not necessarily the proper place.

Well, take it up with the distutils authors :)  My setup.py is fairly 
conservative, I think (it's really $PREFIX/... what's used, not hard-wired to 

> This is one issue with using eggs as a packaging system. There's no place in an
> egg (with out-of-box setuptools[1]) to put docs and examples. Just think of eggs
> as Java jars, and not .rpms or .debs.
> That said, I never liked using install_data to install these kinds of things.
> The package author (you, in this case, but others are worse) inevitably makes
> too many assumptions about where I want things. And each package author makes
> different assumptions, so I can't even pick a location and set it in
> .pydistutils.cfg. I say, nuts to that.
> Eggs aren't a replacement for getting the source tarball or manual. They aren't
> intended to be.

Thanks for the clarification.  I actually _had_ thought of them as rpm/debs.

> [1] One could, relatively easily, write a setup.py that places the docs in a
> directory inside the EGG-INFO directory inside the egg, just as the scripts are
> located inside there, too. It might even be worthwhile pushing for
> EGG-INFO/docs/ as the canonical place to put package documentation. If you like,
> we can try this with ipython and see if it catches on with other folks.

Sure, that could be done.



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