[IPython-dev] IPython pyreadline improvement of IPython

Vivian De Smedt vivian at vdesmedt.com
Sun Jan 29 03:16:54 EST 2006

Dear All,

I was in the juggle for a week so I just slowly catch up with the mails 
of the list :-)

I'm very glad you decide to carry your own version of readline inside 
I like the idea of Gary of having our own version of readline for every 

Few times ago I was planning to improve the way IPython deal with:
 - Cut and Paste
 - Multi-line statements

For Multi-line statement my idea is.

    History is only made of one line statement and the first line of the
    multi-line statement.
    When we start editing a multi-line statement the down arrows let us
    add the lines of the multi-line statement.

    Suppose you made a mistake in the third line of a three lines
    statement. Now you have to type.
    up-up-up-return up-up-return up-up-[correction]-return
    And with my proposition you will have to type
    up-return down-return down-[correction]-return

And at the end it appears that the only way to improve that 
significantly was to have more readline callback and if we have our own 
version we are free to add the one we need.

I know that Fernando is on something big that will make all that 
pathetic but I would like to know what some of you think about that to 
improve the situation in the meantime. One of the first think that make 
me love python was the console and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one 
so I'm quite enthusiast at the idea to improve it but tell me what do 
you think about it.


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