[IPython-dev] Fwd: [Enthought-dev] "bell" sounds for "tab" character in enthon 0.97

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Mon Jul 17 16:54:15 EDT 2006


I hope this reaches enthought-dev as well (I don't subscribe so please 
cc any response directly to me).
I will look into to this tomorrow. Could someone provide information on 
what version of pyreadline was used is it the released 1.3 version or 
was it taken from svn (if so which revision?). Is it possible to install 
enthon without clobbering my normal python install i.e. file 
associations etc.


Fernando Perez skrev:
> Hey guys,
> could one of you who uses windows and knows about our pyreadline (esp.
> Jorgen) have a look at this?  The python Enthought edition is readying
> for a 1.0 release and they ship ipython/pyreadline, and they're having
> problems.  It would be nice if we could sort this out before 1.0.
> Thanks,
> f
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> From: Peter Wang <pwang at enthought.com>
> Date: Jul 15, 2006 9:22 PM
> Subject: Re: [Enthought-dev] "bell" sounds for "tab" character in enthon 0.97
> To: enthought-dev at enthought.com
> bryce hendrix wrote ..
>> Enthon 1.0.0 switched from the readline package to pyreadline, so some
>> of the readline wierdness has either gone away, or has been traded for
>> new python wierdness. I can test it out when I roll out Beta 4 this
>> afternoon.
> Some of the new weirdness in 1.0.0b4:
> On windows XP on my laptop, when I hit tab, the cursor advances only a
> single space; however, when I start typing, the characters I type
> appear at a position 3 spaces after the cursor position.  Needless to
> say, this is extremely disorienting, especially since the cursor
> starts advancing over the previously typed text (assuming I've typed
> more than 3 letters).
> -Peter
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