[IPython-dev] python2.5

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jul 25 02:13:32 EDT 2006

Hi William,

[ I just whitelisted your address on ipython-{user,dev} so you don't get 
bounces again ]

William Stein wrote:
> Hi Fernando and Ville,
> Have you tried Ipython with Python2.5 beta2 yet?   Since Python2.5
> is supposed to be released in "early August", it might be worth
> thinking about it.  I'm getting SAGE ready for Python 2.5, and
> I noticed that IPython is somewhat broken under Python 2.5.

Thanks for the heads-up.  No, I hadn't built 2.5 yet, but I guess it's time to 
start playing with it.  Ville is doing the real work on trunk these days, but 
I'll certainly help with this if needed, as I consider it a major priority, 
and it may require knowledge of parts of the code only I know well.  This is 
also something that I could put on the list for the scipy sprints days (are 
you going to be there for Mon/Tue?).



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