[IPython-dev] [SAGEdev] python2.5

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 03:35:01 EDT 2006

On 7/24/06, William Stein <wstein at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Fernando and Ville,
> Have you tried Ipython with Python2.5 beta2 yet?   Since Python2.5
> is supposed to be released in "early August", it might be worth
> thinking about it.  I'm getting SAGE ready for Python 2.5, and
> I noticed that IPython is somewhat broken under Python 2.5.
> In particular, if you start IPython (with default configuration),
> and type
>      raise TypeError   # or any other exception
> there is a noticeable pause before the traceback.  Even worse,
> if code raises an error deep in the call stack, e.g., 8 or 9
> levels down, there is a very long pause (e.g., 10 seconds) before
> the traceback is displayed.

OK, I just built 2.5b2.  I see the pause...

> Note that this weird pause does not occur when using straight python
> 2.5b with exactly the same code.  Also note that I'm not using pdb.
> I noticed that the IPython traceback looks different than Python's
> (e.g., no line numbers), so maybe you're doing some interesting magic
> there that needs updating for Python 2.5b (or maybe Python 2.5b has
> a bug?).
> Also, ipdb seems to be completely broken with Python 2.5b.  For
> me it will print a traceback and show the prompt, but any attempt
> to execute commands, e.g., print names of variables, etc., leads to
> ipdb> print n
> *** ERROR ***
> This version of pdb has a bug and crashed.
> Returning to IPython...

And this too.

It seems like we'll have to work quite a bit with it, especially to
ascertain whether the problems are in ipython or in python2.5.  We
really need to report both major performance losses and flat out bugs
to them.  Python2.5 looks great features-wise, but it actually needs
to work :)

Thanks for the heads-up again; this was on my todo list but had
slipped under a mountain of other things...

Ville and I just talked about it, he's also going to build 2.5 and see
what's going on.  Anyone else interested in playing is welcome to
help, we don't actually have all that much time before the release.



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